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About us

As many Small Businesses it all started with something small and grew out way bigger than expected. Studying full time, dealing with the pandemic I was looking for distraction. I wanted to start my own little small shop, get my first pin made and see where it goes. I felt a rush every time someone ordered, send me a kind message and left a review. As the support grew, so did I and so did my ideas for this small shop. I was at first based on a big platform for small makers, however they took an enormous part of my income which is why I now have my own website. We went from 1 pin and some stickers, to multiple pins, washitapes, prints, stickers and patches. All thanks to people like you, who support me and fill my head with big dreams.

Not to forget that we will also attend more and more conventions! My first convention was at the Dutch event called Heroes made in Asia, where I will return. 

Every order is hand packed and filled with love by me. Every order gets some freebies, and every order fills me with joy. I try to make your experience with my goodies as positive as possible. And who knows, maybe some day you can find me at a convention.

We are on Twitter, Instagram and Patreon!

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