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New things!

As you might have noticed the website got a new look! But that is not the only thing changing in SuzesMore!

I have expanded our Socials, we now have an Instagram Store account where you can see all the product pictures, Shop anouncements and all the Patreon updates. 

You can also find us on Youtube now! I try to post 2 times a month. The videos are studio vlogs where I show some proces of SuzesMore.

Follow our journey!

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Cozy Low Sportsocks, Knitted, embroidered, pick your favorite! Get them now for a special price and extra!



Moko but petite?

If you spot this congrats! You have found my little Poko the Chonk Plush easter egg! You might remember Moko, he was a little too big to produce but now he, or well.. Poko is back, in a better size and even softer!
Where can you get him? Just you wait and see ;)


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